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“It was great… I loved it!” -Boy George

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who is Leo Cosendai

Leo is a PUBLISHED AUTHOR, teacher, LIFE COACH, and the founder of the #1 sound meditation app THIRD EAR


Leo is changing the way people interact with sound as well as how we all perceive music. His work in making meditation and sound baths accessible to all has gained him recognition as a leading voice in the wellness movement. 

Leo’s work applies itself to both individuals and corporations and is extremely accessible which makes it inviting to everyone. He has presented meditation through sound to over 1 million people with the help of his app Third Ear, as well as his TV appearances.

Leo is also a HarperCollins author and teaches in London’s leading yoga studios and gives workshops, seminars and talks internationally. He has been featured widely in the press, appearing in The Sunday Times, Forbes, The Guardian, Mr. Porter, VICE, Huffington Post, Daily Mail and Evening Standard to name but a few. 

Leo's early years were spent between Switzerland and Asia, where he was exposed to a culture which has discreetly shaped his path. Passionate about art, music, and therapy, he went on to study composition, singing, yoga+meditation around the world, and in London where he now resides with his wife Sara Cosendai. 

Leo has been helping hundreds of thousands of people to transform their life through Sound Meditation. A behaviour changing experience which helped eradicate the acute anxiety he had suffered from since early childhood. He now spends most of his time sharing those very tools and techniques with groups, individuals and businesses.  

" turns out that Leo has the voice of an angel." -VICE MAGAZINE 

Leo’s voice will get you through the toughest commute.

“Rush hour on the central line just got a whole lot calmer.”