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Summer Solstice Giant Gong Bath @ West London

London's biggest gongs are back! And Leo Cosendai (founder of Third Ear, author of 7 Days of Sound Meditation) has got a whole vibrational menu in store for you...

Gong Bath Experience for you to ring in the Summer season! 

For those of you who have been to Leo's gong baths at Lululemon's Sweatlife, you are in for a treat as there will be no noise pollution, the room will be warm, and there will be a lot less people in a much smaller space so you will literally bathe in the sounds and only be meters away from the big Gongs.

Leo will lead you through a breathing technique that clears the mind and centres your attention. 

Mantra Chanting
You will be led into an enchanting chant that will further send you inwards. It will also prime you for the gong bath experience that will follow shortly after.

Elixir Shot
The tastebud goddess Sara Ramazanoglu will serve you a mind-expanding blend before you lie down to receive your Gong Bath Meditation. 

Giant Gong Bath Meditation
Leo's favourite giant gongs are back! That's right, the 80" and 60" (London's biggest gongs) are back in town!

This is going to be 60 minutes of pure sound bathing, and we cannot wait! Can you?

There's 10 early bird tickets that you can grab now. They will go very quickly!

Email us at to get yours!


  • All sales are final

  • Event is rain or shine


Attendees must be aged 16 or +.

Please consult your doctor before attending to this event.

Please let us know in writing if you are injuried or suffer from a medical condition.

Late comers will not be admitted into the venue. Please arrive 5 minutes beforehand. 

Leo Cosendai/Third Ear are not responsible for anything that may happen to you during or after the event. You take full responsiblity by attending to this event. 

Tickets are non-refundable.

For parking and how to get there, please check in advance via google. We advise taking the overground.


Earlier Event: June 15
Later Event: September 6